Marine Style Battery Terminal Adapter - Top Post to Stud

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Battery Terminal Adapter - Marine Style Top Post to Threaded Stud
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These are reinforced, cast lead top post terminal adapters allowing you to install onto an existing top post battery terminal and convert is to a threaded stud battery post. This comes in handy for those time you change battery styles and still want to use your old cables or a way to simplify your cable installation allowing you to put a few cables onto a single stud. 

The adapters feature an epoxy resin coating to increase corrosion resistance and make positive and negative identification easy as pie. Included are the wing nuts as pictured for securing the cable. 

You have the choice of ordering either as a pair with a positive and negative terminal or you can just order a single positive or negative as you need. 

The positive (red) terminal adapter has a 3/8 inch threaded stud and you'll need a 3/8 inch style ring terminal or lug to attach to it. 
The negative (black) terminal adapter has a 5/16 inch threaded stud and you'll need a 5/16 inch style ring terminal of lug to attach to it. 

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