A: Order the next largest length available and add a note in the checkout for us to adjust your cable to the length you need. Example: You want 10.5ft so order an 11ft and add a note for us to make the cable 10.5ft instead.

*If you're looking for a longer length than what is available in the regular BATTERY CABLE section please go to the WIRE BY THE FOOT section and order the longer length of wire and order the connectors in the CONNECTORS section and simply add a note in the checkout for what you'd like us to assemble for you from those items.
A: Yes, just order the cable as listed and in the checkout add a note (order notes are entered in the checkout) telling us how you want the lug turned.
Here is a chart we made to assist you in describing how to tell us to turn lugs >Lug and Terminal Turn Options
A: Yes, just order the cable as listed with the straight lugs and add a note in the checkout for us to put a 90 degree bent lug on instead.
A: No, sadly there is no place for us to lookup the battery cable dimensions of wire size, length and end sizes on a per vehicle basis. That information is not in any readily accessible database. You'll have to get the measurements for the cables you want us to build for you before we can build them
A: Yes, we can. At this time the way we handle it is if the extra wire is 8 AWG or larger you would order the extra wire as an assembly being sure to leave at least one end with no connector and add a note for us to put it into which ever end you tell us to. If the auxiliary wire is smaller than 8 AWG we can use a 10 AWG wire just add a note in the checkout for us to add a 10 AWG wire into whichever connector you need it in.
A: We have put some information together here to help >How to measure a bolt size
A: Always start by looking on the side of the wire for printing that should tell you the wire size. Sometimes there is a stamp in the connector which indicates the size as well. Different styles of stranding in the cable as well as various insulation thicknesses mean there is not a "one size fits all" exact measurement but here are measurements based on a range of typical battery cable styles as a reference. (when in doubt between wire sizes ALWAYS choose the larger wire size)


Wire Gauge Size COPPER CONDUCTOR Diameter (no insulation) Overall Outside Diameter with Insulation
80.143-0.165 inch (3.63-4.19 mm) 0.218-0.270 inch (5.54-6.86 mm)
60.181-0.200 inch (4.60-5.08 mm) 0.305-0.340 inch (7.75-8.64 mm)
40.219-0.252 inch (5.56-6.40 mm) 0.343-0.405 inch (8.71-10.29 mm)
20.289-0.326 inch (7.34-8.28 mm) 0.418-0.475 inch (10.62-12.07 mm)
10.341-0.361 inch (8.66-9.17 mm) 0.479-0.520 inch (12.17-13.21 mm)
1/0 (0)0.348-0.405 inch (8.84-10.29 mm) 0.500-0.565 inch (12.70-14.35 mm)
2/0 (00)0.429-0.460 inch (10.90-11.68mm) 0.568-0.655 inch (14.43-16.64 mm)
3/0 (000)0.485-0.510 inch (12.32-12.95mm) 0.641-0.670 inch (16.28-17.02 mm)
4/0 (0000)0.555-0.580 inch (14.10-14.73mm) 0.695-0.741 inch (17.65-18.82 mm)
A: Some people need certain specifications on cables due to codes and regulations. We've put together a cable comparison section here > Battery Cable Differences