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2 Gauge AWG Battery Cable Black - By the Foot
2 Gauge AWG Battery Cable Black - By the Foot

2 Gauge AWG Extreme Battery Cable Black - By the Foot

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2 AWG (2 Gauge) Battery Cable in Black. Extreme cable with pure copper conductor and double insulation with great flexibility.
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Your Price: $3.50

2 AWG (2 Gauge) Battery Cable Black

Premium Copper Battery Cable sold by the foot

Just enter the quantity of feet in the quantity box so 10 is 10 foot length, 40 is a 40 foot length etc. 


This extreme battery cable is specially designed to meet the demands of various environments while staying extremely flexible.  Full AWG sized copper conductor made from 99.9% pure annealed electrolytic copper, will you get maximum power. The insulation and jacket compounds are specially formulated to stay flexible even in cold weather and carry a -49C to 105C temperature rating. The jacket is resistant to chemicals, water, abrasions, oil, sunlight and has a color coded dual extrusion jacket with a white inner insulation which would show any damage to the outer cable more clearly. This cable is rated up to 600 Volts and is suitable for use in automotive applications, solar battery bank wiring, power inverter battery cables, marine battery cables and many other applications calling for a durable yet flexible battery cable. The battery cables meet the requirements of SAE J1127 and J378 making them ABYC and US Coast Guard approved for boat and marine use. 


Full AWG Size Copper Conductor
TPE Jacket is Oil Resistant where EPDM on many welding cables is a poor insulator against oil
SAE Rated for Automotive and Marine Uses


Our cable is Copper...REAL COPPER but watch out for other "CCA Cable" as CCA Means Copper Clad Aluminum so you'd be using Aluminum which is a poor conductor compared to this pure copper cable! You have to use larger sizes of aluminum CCA cable, approximately 2 sizes larger to get close to the same power delivery as real copper cable! If you care about maximum power use our cable!

Other Benefits Include:
ABYC and USCG Approved for use on boats
SAE J1127 Approved
SAE J378 Approved
TPE Jacket is Very Resistant to Oil, Water, Acid, Gas, Tears and Abrasions
The Jacket Insulation Meets UL FT1 Flame Resistance Rating
Annealed Electrolytic Copper with Class K (Type III) Rope Lay for flexibility
FULL AWG Copper Content

Suitable Uses:
Automotive Battery Cables
Marine / Boat Battery Cables
Solar Battery Bank Array
Forklift Charging Cables
Power Inverter Cables
Welding Cable Leads
Golf Cart Battery Cables
Amplifier Wiring
...and many other uses

Extreme Battery Cable Specifications:

Gauge  Stranding   Copper OD   Overall OD  LBS/ft
    6          266             0.192 in       0.39 in       .189
    4          420             0.252 in       0.44 in       .214
    2          665             0.326 in       0.51 in       .302
    1          836             0.360 in       0.54 in       .360
   1/0        1064           0.397 in       0.61 in       .462
   2/0        1330           0.460 in       0.66 in       .530
   4/0        2109           0.580 in       0.85 in       .853

Table of Allowable Amperage for copper conductors 50V or less with 105C rating:
Gauge         Amps Outside          Amps Inside
                  of Engine Space     of Engine Space
    6                   120                              102
    4                   160                              136
    2                   210                              178
    1                   245                              208
   1/0                 285                              242
   2/0                 330                              280
   4/0                 445                              378

The jacket on each cable reads as follows:


Final Notes:
All of our customers who have had the chance to get this battery cable in their hands have given it high praise. It's a very well made cable with a nice, smooth, matte finish designed for durability and great flexibility (see the pictures). Being long time veterans of the wire and cable business we've had this cable specifically designed to meet a need for high quality that can be trusted. It not worth skimping out on welding cable and unregulated, imported CCA power wire. Let us know if you have any questions and we will quickly answer them for you.

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