Kit 1 Cables Only
Kit 1 Cables Only

Mack LE 4 Battery Side by Side KIT-2 Cables Kit (with sleeving and clamps etc)

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This kit has 11ft cable (extra length) for Mack LE Side by Side Quad Battery Set up
Part Number: WC-KIT-2
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Battery to Cutoff to Starter POS, NEG Battery, Alternator Cables with sleeving, clamps, hardware and protectors


Positive Battery to Disconnect Switch: 4/0 AWG RED 42” straight lugs 3/8 on both ends

Disconnect Switch to Starter: 4/0 AWG RED 11ft with a 90 deg. elbow 3/8" end on the starter and straight lug 3/8 other end

 New Elbow 90 Deg Bent Lug

Negative Battery: 4/0 AWG BLACK 93” with straight lugs 3/8 on both sides

Alternator: 1/0 AWG RED 86” straight lugs 3/8 on both ends


DuraBraid Sleeving will be applied to all cables to increase abrasion resistance. A hot knife will be used in cutting the sleeving to prevent frayed ends. This sleeving will be applied to the cables prior to shipment.

Clamps for routing:

4 sets of Beta Twin Clamps with L bracket, speed nut U style, and 5/16-18x2 1/2" bolt used to hold the 4/0 AWG cables

2 sets of Beta Single Clamps with custom bracket, 2 speed nut U style, and 2ea 1/4-20x2" bolt used to hold the 1/0 AWG cables

EPHA Protector:

2 ea EPHA 4" Cable Protectors with zip ties to attach at high risk abrasion areas

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