We are often asked what are the differences between the various cable types we offer. They are all made in the USA and all are made from pure copper stranding but there are slight differences in insulation materials, thickness, and industry approvals.

Battery Cables Comparison ( click link to open PDF in a new page where you can also print it out)

Truth is that any of the cable options will likely be suitable for your use UNLESS you have specific requirements governed by some sort of code or specific regulations to follow in which case you're likely already knowledgeable about what you're specifically looking for. For example, if you're a boat builder trying to maintain ABYC standards then you'll need a battery cable that fits those specific needs as called out in the standards. For most of the automotive applications and other typical installations like battery arrays, golf carts etc...any of the options we offer will work.

More complete specifications are listed on each individual products page in the item description and specifications section.