Side Post Battery Terminal Connector
Side Post Battery Terminal Connector

Side Post Battery Terminal Connector Corrosion Resistant Copper - Heavy Duty

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Side Post Battery Terminal Corrosion Resistant Copper - Heavy Duty
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Heavy Duty Side Post Battery Terminals are Seamless Corrosion Resistant Tin Plated Copper and combine pure copper construction with a seamless pad to provide the ultimate performance in strength, conductivity and corrosion resistance. This side post terminal design features a flared and chamfered barrel to facilitate cable insertion. These terminals are sized and designed to work with flexibly stranded copper wire and cable such as welding cable, marine battery cable, UL Listed battery cables, SAE battery cables, entertainment cable, diesel locomotive cable, and other similar flexible cables.

These side post terminals look very similar to lugs however they are stamped special with an offset area on the pad so the terminal will seat properly on the lead ring of the side post on the battery.  The holes are standard to fit the 3/8 bolt used on side terminal batteries. 

The tin plating provides corrosion resistance which is superior to bare copper lugs. Utilities, telecom and other industries using high amperage connections all use tin plated lugs and terminals for power connections.

  • UL Listed/CSA Certified
  • Pure OFC Copper - ETP Copper
  • Tin Plated to Resist Corrosion
  • Various Sizes available
  • Hole Fits standard 3/8 bolt for side post terminals


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