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  • Extreme Battery Cable Extreme Battery Cable
    Our Extreme battery cables feature a proprietary dual insulation and jacket for increased protection and flexing. The pure copper conductor is fine stranded and fully sized to American Wire Gauge (AWG) specifications allowing more copper per size than regular SAE sized cables.
  • UL Multi Rated - Flexible UL Multi Rated - Flexible
    Flexible UL listed battery cable made from pure oxygen free copper in various full AWG gauge sizes sold by the foot
  • Rubber Welding Cable Rubber Welding Cable
    Our rubber insulated welding cable is dual rated as SAE J1127 Type SGR battery cable. Durable, flexible insulation and fine stranded pure copper make this an ideal cable for tight spaces.
  • Marine Grade Tinned Wire Marine Grade Tinned Wire
    UL Listed Marine Wire UL1426 BC5W2 with tinned copper flexible conductors