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SB175 Anderson Plug
SB175 Anderson Plug

Anderson Connectors SB175 Quick Connect Plugs

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Anderson Connectors plug together to join positive and negative cables
Part Number: SB175
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Anderson SB175 plugs are ideal for use in quick plug instances such as booster cables, winches and other battery connections. We offer the SB175 in either a single plug or a pair of plugs so you can order individual plugs to fit different wire sizes or you can get a pair of the same size. For instance, you may have a 4 AWG wire lead to the battery but a 1/0 AWG wire lead coming off of your charger. In this case you can order one of the 4 AWG plugs and one of the 1/0 AWG plugs and the 2 plugs will mate together giving you an easy way to connect and disconnect as you wish. 

Each plug includes one plastic housing and 2 of the Anderson wire contacts. The wire contacts can be crimped or soldered onto the wire and then they are slid into the back of the Anderson plug and lock in place. We can make Anderson cable assemblies and we also offer solder pellets for these size wire in our store. 
Based off the design pioneered by Anderson in 1953, APP's two pole SB® connectors set the standard for DC power distribution and battery connections. SB®175 connectors feature a one piece plastic housing using stainless steel springs to hold low resistance contacts in place. There is no "gender" to the plugs, no "male" or "female"...the plugs mate upside down with each other which aligns the Positive + and Negative- poles of the connector. 

We have included product images that will show you the correct direction to properly insert the contacts into the housing after they have been attached to the cable. Feel free to ask us any questions before ordering. There is also an image above to show the dimensions but the SB175 plug is 3.13 inches long by 2.18 inches wide and 1.00 inches thick (tall). Again, please see the product images for full measurements. 

The SB175 plug will mate with other SB175 plugs of the SAME COLOR! You cannot mate a RED and GRAY plug as they are made differently to avoid this. Also, the SB175 will not mate with a larger or smaller plug style such as the SB50 or SB350. The plugs will only mate with their own series (SB175). Two SB175 plugs of the same color will mate even with different wire sizes as the actual contacts are the same physical size meaning you can mate a GRAY SB175 with 4 AWG wires and a GRAY SB175 with 1/0 AWG wires with no problem. This again is a reason why this plug style is so popular in many battery applications.


The plug is rated to handle up to 280 Amps (per UL 1977 Wire to Wire 1/0 AWG Max) and is listed to handle 175A of live current plugging and unplugging while under charge (UL Hot Plug Current Rating). The SB175 is rated up to 600V DC or AC. 

PLEASE Look at the pictures to see the correct way to insert the metal contact into the housing. It is very simple but if done incorrectly the plugs will not properly mate together!!!

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