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6 gauge jumper cable
6 gauge jumper cable

6 Gauge Copper Battery Jumper Cable Twin Lead Booster Cable - By the foot

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Sold by the foot, simply enter the length in feet you'd like in the box
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Your Price: $2.67

6 Gauge Pure Copper Booster / Jumper Cable Cable in Bulk

Sold by the foot, cut to length, you choose length in feet

  • Premium 100% Real Copper
  • Flexible Stranding
  • -40C (-40F) to 80C (176F) temperature range
  • Meets SAE J1127 Specifications
  • MADE IN USA !!!
  • Cable Insulation protects against grease, moisture, oil and abrasion
  • Color Coded Positive and Negative
  • Tangle Free twin wire construction, you can separate the cables to your own needs
These cables are Made in the USA of 100% copper with flexible stranding and a flexible, durable jacket material to ensure long life and reliability.

Dimensions of the cable are about 0.8 of an inch wide with both wires still together side by side and about 3/8 inch tall. Each 6 gauge wire is about 3/8 inch in outside diameter.

Now, a little education on why our REAL COPPER cable is better than CCA (copper clad aluminum):

It's important to understand that our cables are REAL COPPER and they will handle more current (amps) than CCA (copper clad aluminum) cable in the same size. Many products on the market use CCA instead of real copper and most people just don't know the difference so here you go:
  1. Our copper cable is rated to 100% conductivity vs 61% for Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) meaning you need 2 sizes larger for a CCA cable than you would if you used real copper. 
  2. Copper is flexible and doesn't break easily but Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) expands and contracts nearly 1/3 more than copper from heat. Add to that the fact that aluminum has around 37% of the tensile strength of copper and you have the potential for breaking strands and loosening connections...something you shouldn't mess with in high amperage DC Voltage applications!
  3. Copper Clad Aluminum was designed for AC voltage use especially in high frequencies like those found in signalling and telecommunications as AC current travels on the outside of the conductor so aluminum inside and copper outside meant an overall lighter weight and lower cost wire...but there is not a single benefit in DC voltage! It's a sad abuse by manufacturers to sell low quality cable dressed up as copper to unsuspecting buyers.
So now you know why our REAL COPPER cables are superior! Share this info with family and friends and BE SAFE!

Use REAL COPPER...like the soft annealed copper which makes up all of our durable and flexible multi-rated battery and welding cables. 

Feel free to ask us any questions about our cable and we'll gladly answer them.

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