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6 Gauge 6 AWG Battery Cables with Ends, Connectors, Terminals
6 Gauge 6 AWG Battery Cables with Ends, Connectors, Terminals

6 Gauge (6 AWG) Marine Grade Tinned Copper Battery Cable UL 1426 Flexible with ends

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6 Gauge (6 AWG) Marine Grade Tinned Copper Battery Cable UL 1426 Flexible with ends
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Your Price: $1.42

You choose your color, length and cable ends from the options above near the purchase buttons. The copper lugs (ring terminals) as well as the copper top post positive and negative battery terminals feature a tin plating which is resistant to corrosion and it superior to bare copper terminals.  These custom cables are made from our premium Marine Grade Tinned Copper UL1426 Listed Battery Cable which is pure OFC copper, Made in the USA and full copper AWG wire gauge size. 
The copper connectors are crimped to the battery cable using the UL approved crimping tool as specified by the manufacturer.  We then seal the connection point with adhesive heat shrink tubing in the color to match the cable. The heat shrink has a melt-able glue lining to help seal your cable from air and moisture.

Gauge  Stranding  Outside Diameter  Weight LBS/ft   
    8            168              .270 in                .080
    6            266              .340 in                .123
    4            420              .405 in                .185
    2            665              .475 in                .285
    1            836              .520 in                .344
 1/0           1064             .565 in                .424
 2/0           1330             .655 in                .530
 4/0           2109             .735 in                .826

For use as battery cables:
SAE J-378 Table of Allowable Amperage for conductors 50V or less with 105C rating
Gauge        Amps Outside     Amps Inside
 AWG     of Engine Space   of Engine Space
    8                    80                          68
    6                  120                        102
    4                  160                        136
    2                  210                        178
    1                  245                        208
   1/0                285                        242
   2/0                330                        280
   4/0                445                        378
*All wire and cable amperage ratings are governed by the installation and not by the wire itself! There are different codes and suggestions in different installation environments so be sure to look into any codes or regulations covering your specific installation to determine the correct amperage ratings. 

Suitable Uses:
Automotive Battery Cables
Marine / Boat Battery Cables
Solar Battery Bank Array
Forklift Charging Cables
Power Inverter Cables
Welding Cable Leads
Amplifier Wiring
...and many other uses

Introducing our multi-rated, multi-purpose, flexible, real copper battery cable. This wire has multiple approvals for use in many electrical installation making it a very unique cable. From the pure electrolytic copper stranding to the durable yet flexible insulation, this cable has been designed to impress. 
Our UL listed battery cable carries ratings allowing it to be used as marine battery cable listed as UL1426 Boat Cable which maintains a BC-5W2 temperature rating of 105C dry and 75C wet. This wire can be continuously submerged in water with no issues. This fine battery cable exceeds the requirements of ABYC and the USCG (US Coast Guard) for installation on boats.
The copper conductor features stranding which is tin plated to resist corrosion. Flexible Type III, Class K stranding is designed to absorb vibration found in motive environments such as automotive and marine thus protecting the cable from premature failure.

  • Meets all applicable boat wiring regulations from ABYC and US Cost Guard for use on boats
  • Rated 600 Volts Max with 105C Dry and 75C Wet (BC-5W2) temperature ratings and will remain flexible in extreme cold weather
  • Jacket and insulation are resistant to oil, gas, fungus, salt water, battery acid, heat, abrasion and sunlight

  • Full AWG Size OFC Copper Conductor
  • Electroplated tinned copper stranding to resist corrosion
  • UL Listed - Quality Strictly Controlled
  • Superior Oil Resistance of PVC where EPDM on many welding cables is a poor insulator against oil
  • Meets and Exceeds USCG and ABYC guidelines for Marine Uses
  • UL Listed as water resistant
Our cable is Copper...REAL COPPER but watch out for other "CCA Cable" as CCA Means Copper Clad Aluminum so you'd be using Aluminum which is a poor conductor compared to this pure copper cable! You have to use larger sizes of aluminum CCA cable, approximately 2 sizes larger to get close to the same power delivery as real copper cable! If you care about maximum power use our cable!

....most threaded stud batteries will have either a 5/16 or 3/8 inch stud. Most of the time the negative will be 5/16 so if the positive is the same size it is also 5/16, but if your battery stud is larger on the positive it will most likely be a 3/8.  There are exceptions to the rule so please contact the manufacturer or measure. You can search online for bolt sizing tables which will help. 

If you have questions about cable sizing and whether this is the correct size feel free to send us a message and we will do our best to answer you or at a minimum steer you in the right direction.

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