6 Gauge AWG Marine Grade Tinned Battery Cable Black - By the Foot
6 Gauge AWG Marine Grade Tinned Battery Cable Black - By the Foot

6 Gauge AWG Marine Grade Tinned Copper Battery Cable Black - By the Foot

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6 AWG (6 Gauge) Marine Grade Tinned Battery Cable in Black. UL1426 BC-5W2 cable with tin plated pure copper stranded conductor for great flexibility.
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6 AWG (6 Gauge) Marine Grade Tinned Battery Cable Black

Premium UL1426 Tinned Copper Battery Cable sold by the foot

Just enter the quantity of feet in the quantity box so 10 is 10 foot length, 40 is a 40 foot length etc. 


This marine grade battery cable is UL 1426 BC-5W2 rated at 105C dry and 75C wet meeting US Coast Guard and ABYC approved for boat and marine use as well as beneficial in many other applications. 


  • Full AWG Size Pure Copper Conductor
  • Electro Tin Plated Strands resist corrosion for longer life in harsh environments
  • Stranding is extremely flexible Type III, Class K
  • Flame Retardant PVC Jacket is Water, Oil, Gas, Grease and Solvernt Resistant 
  • Exceeds SAE SGT J1127 and J378 battery cable specifications
  • 600V insulation rating makes it ideal for many applications
  • UL Listed UL1426
  • 105C DRY and 75C WET (BC-5W2) Temperature Rating
  • ABYC, USCG, ROHS Compliant

Battery Cable Specifications:

Gauge  Stranding  Outside Diameter  Weight LBS/ft   
    8            168              .270 in                .080
    6            266              .340 in                .123
    4            420              .405 in                .185
    2            665              .475 in                .285
    1            836              .520 in                .344
 1/0           1064             .565 in                .424
 2/0           1330             .655 in                .530
 4/0           2109             .735 in                .826

For use as battery cables:
SAE J-378 Table of Allowable Amperage for conductors 50V or less with 105C rating
Gauge        Amps Outside     Amps Inside
 AWG     of Engine Space   of Engine Space
    8                    80                          68
    6                  120                        102
    4                  160                        136
    2                  210                        178
    1                  245                        208
   1/0                285                        242
   2/0                330                        280
   4/0                445                        378
*Per ABYC/USCG (Inside of engine space de-rate amps by 15% due to extra heat)


Our cable is Copper...REAL COPPER but watch out for other "CCA Cable" as CCA Means Copper Clad Aluminum so you'd be using Aluminum which is a poor conductor compared to this pure copper cable! You have to use larger sizes of aluminum CCA cable, approximately 2 sizes larger to get close to the same power delivery as real copper cable! If you care about maximum power use our cable!

Suitable Uses:
Automotive Battery Cables
Marine / Boat Battery Cables
Solar Battery Bank Array
Forklift Charging Cables
Power Inverter Cables
Golf Cart Battery Cables
Amplifier Wiring
...and many other uses

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