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4 gauge copper booster jumper cables
4 gauge copper booster jumper cables

4 Gauge Battery Jumper Cables / Booster Cable Set - Pure Copper Conductor

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Heavy Duty Jumper Cables made in the USA from real 4 gauge copper
Part Number: 4GA-JMP-SET-PAR
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Battery Jumper Cables / Booster Cable Set - 100% Copper Cable - 4 Gauge Copper Cables

     It's time to get a high quality set of super flexible 4 gauge jumper cables to make sure you have the ability to start your car, or help others start their cars without worrying about having enough power to do so. There's a plague in the industry which seems to enjoy selling sub-par copper clad aluminum (CCA) cables instead of real copper jumper cables. Aluminum only carries 60% of what copper can handle meaning you have higher resistance, higher voltage drop, cables that heat up fast and ultimately less power for jump starting. 
     With our cables you'll get only REAL COPPER CABLE to carry the maximum power, voltage and amps, you need when you need it most. We've sourced high quality, USA made cable in various sizes to meet your needs. These cables will be the last jumper cables you'll need to buy because they are made to our top shelf standards with extra measures to ensure reliability. 
     While most cables use questionable clamps we durable chrome plated steel frame parrot jaw clamps to provide strength and corrosion resistance. Inside the clamp we attach the copper cables to the contact using the correct style crimp die, bolt the contact in place and cover with heavy wall adhesive heat shrink tubing for a long lasting connection with great strain relief. 
     The end result is the best jumper cable you can find! Secure and designed to deliver power and make jumping your vehicles as easy and fast as possible. With our properly sized cables you'll be able to start your car from the donor car battery without having to wait a long time for the dead battery to charge up sufficiently. By lowering the voltage drop, more power is delivered and you'll be going in seconds. 

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